Save the Date!!

    Good evening Piranha families,

    Tomorrow is the big day...our season officially starts! Don't forget to arrive a few minutes early to your practice time with your goggles, towel, sunscreen, and most importantly a positive attitude!  We are having a new parent orientation meeting this Friday, 5/12, 5pm at our pool pavilion.  Bring a chair and all of your questions!  You will get a chance to meet Coaches Cameron and Nicolette and hopefully get all of your swim questions answered.  All new swim parents are encouraged to attend,  Kiddos are welcome as well, but they cannot swim during the meeting.  Previous swim parents are also welcome.  

    D&J sports will be at our swim practice next Tuesday, 5/15 from 4-6:30 pm selling our team suits.  Although they are not mandatory they are a great sense of team commitment and pride. We have a new suit design this year and I think it's a super fun one!  They will give you the opportunity to try on various sizes before you buy.  It also saves you a trip down to their store.  

    If you have any questions feel free to email me at

    Hope to see you all tomorrow!

    Go Piranhas!


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