Meet Information and Heat Sheets

    Calling all Piranhas!

    Here is all of the meet info you will need for Saturday.  

    Address for Sonterra CC:  901 E. Sonterra Blvd. San Antonio, 78258

    Parking : Follow parking signs

    Seating : Bring chairs and EZ up tents (if you want extra shade)

    Concessions:  They will be selling coffee, soft drinks, gatorade, breakfast tacos, candy, etc. 

    Arrival time :  Please take note of this.. Right now our arrival time is 7:00 . Please do not be late!  Sonterra has dive blocks so I am trying to get us in the pool 15 minutes early to practice our dives.  If we are able to get that then our arrival time will change to 6:50 am.  Please stay alert to all remind messages and emails tomorrow for the final word.  

    Swim caps will be handed out at swimmer check in.  There will be a volunteer checking in all swimmers and handing out swim caps.  All swimmers MUST wear their Promontory swim caps and team suit (if you have one) during the meet.  Also please wear your Promontory swim tshirt.  I recommend marking your child's tshirt and swim cap (when you get them) with a sharpie.  These things get easily mixed up.  

    I am attaching the heat sheets to this email .  Please print the pages and bring them with you to the meet.  It is very important that you look at the heat sheets very carefully!  Most swimmers ages 7 and up will have 4 events.  Check all relays carefully as well.  All swimmers need to have their events marked on their arms prior to the meet starting.  The chart on how to do that is posted to our facebook page.  I will send it in a remind as well.  Don't worry if it doesn't make sense.  I will be there to help and we have lots of seasoned Piranha parents who are happy to help as well!

    Don't forget goggles, towels, and sunscreen!  The estimated completion time is 11:30

    Please also keep in mind that good sportsmanship starts with us.  Encourage and cheer for not only your swimmer but for our team as a whole!  I always expect our swimmers to be cheering each other on while they are swimming!  

    There will be a designated area for our team to sit.  Please have your swimmers staying in this area at all times!  Our ready bench parents will be constantly calling swimmers names to sit on the ready benches before their races.  They won't have time to hunt down swimmers.  If they cannot get to the ready bench on time it is likely they will miss their race.  It can be a super chaotic time but you can help by paying attention to the event numbers and knowing your child's races.  Our behavior as a team reflects on us all.  We have such an amazing group of Piranhas!  Let's make sure that every team we swim against always wants us to come back! 

    I am truly excited to watch all of our Piranhas swim on Saturday!

    Go Piranhas!


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