RSVP for upcoming meet - Deadline in 48 hours!!! Please Read!

    Good evening Piranhas!

    This email has several very important deadlines that cannot be changed so please read the entire email.  

    1. RSVP's for the upcoming meet on Wednesday, 6/20 are open.  This is another home meet.  The Deadline to RSVP is Saturday evening at 6pm.   I apologize for the short length of time but our meets are very close together and I am trying my best to avoid confusion with multiple meets being open at the same time.  Please take a minute and RSVP your swimmer.  It is very helpful if you will RSVP yes or no.  If you cannot swim in this meet please log into swimtopia and declare "NO" for your swimmer.  

    2. Our championship meet will take place on Satuday, June 30th in the morning (9:00 start time)  ALL SWIMMERS can swim in this meet.  We want all swimmers to be in this meet.  I am attaching a championship meet tshirt order form.  If you want to order your swimmer a shirt please print the form and bring it to practice.  The deadline for this is Wednesday, June20th.  You can give your order forms and money to Coach Tyler or you can text me at 210-381-1017 for my address and you can put the forms and money (cash or check only) under my mat.  Again this meet is for all swimmers and it is the most fun meet of the season for them so please, please set aside the time to be there! 

    3. I am also attaching the meet results from last night.  Ribbons will be ready and at practice on Monday morning.  (sorry for the delay) 

    Please be on the lookout for another email regarding RSVP for the meet next Saturday, 6/23.

    I know this is a crazy and hectic schedule.  I want to thank you for all of your hard work and support that make our team the greatest in the league!!

    Go Piranhas!


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