Heat Sheets

    Good evening,

    Tomorrow is our last home meet of the season.  Our arrival time is 4:00 with warm ups starting NLT 4:30.  I know the weather has been unpredictable lately but we must show up at the meet tomorrow even if it is raining.  I will send an email and remind and facebook post in the event of a meet cancellation.  Both teams MUST show up for the meet to avoid forfeiting.  I have never had a meet that was cancelled beforehand so please keep that in mind.  We will swim if there is light rain and no lightning.  I suggest bringing an umbrella just in case. 

    Please be courteous with parking. There will be cones blocking off our "no parking" areas. If you live close by the pool I would suggest walking. Parking is also available across the street at Wilderness Oak Elementary. Please do not park on the grass/on the curb of anyone's residence or anywhere there are no parking signs.

    Our side of the pool is the side opposite the baby pool. The side of the baby pool belongs to the visiting team. You may also set up in the grass area around the pool. All swimmers MUST sit in the areas around the ready benches. This helps our ready bench moms and dads to more easily gather the swimmers. Please remember that we cannot look very far or long for swimmers so keep up with your child's event numbers.

    The heat sheets are attached. Please read them carefully. We sometimes use the younger swimmers in our relays so please check ALL relays especially those at the end of the meet before you leave. You are welcome to leave after your swimmer has swam all of their events as long as you are certain they are not in the relays.

    Please RSVP for Saturday's meet as well as the Champs meet.  Tomorrow is the deadline for Saturday's meet and Friday is the deadline for the Champs meet.  

    Lastly, we are still in need of volunteers for tomorrow's meet.  Every family is obligated to fulfill their volunteer spots .  Those who do not volunteer will be fined at the end of the season.  Please do your part to help at the meets.  We cannot run our meets without you!  I appreciate all of the hard work our Piranha families put in!  

    If you have any questions please email me at promontoryswim@gmail.com

    Go Piranhas!


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