Tomorrow's Meet - Please Read

    Good evening,

    Unfortunately, I am still waiting on the heat sheets from the other team.  I will send them in a separate email .  Here are the details for tomorrow's meet. Please read all directions carefully.

    1.  The meet is at Smithson Valley High School.  The address is 14001 TX-46  Spring Branch, TX 78070.  GPS for this address will take you to the main gate which is locked on the weekends.  Please proceed to the stoplight at TX 46 W and FM 2673 and turn right.  Then enter the campus through the second driveway on the right.  

    2.  SVHS is hosting a separate event tomorrow so our parking and set up directions are super specific.  We have been asked to please honor their instructions. ( We were also supposed to have our heat sheets way before now but I'll leave that alone...) 

    3.  Parking :  Please park in the side parking lot by the AG barn which is the visitor parking for football games.  The pool parking lot is reserved for the community event that SVHS is hosting tomorrow so we cannot park there.  

    4.  Seating:  Ready benches will be set up on the sidewalk between the tennis courts and the building.  Team seating is also there.  This area is in direct sun so we will set up the EZ up tents that we have there.  Seating for spectators is available along the sidewalk poolside and under the balcony overlooking the pool.  Spectators are not allowed inside the fenced area.  Only coaches, referees, judges, and swimmers are allowed.  It sounds like there is little to no shade so you may want to bring an EZ up if you have one.  

    5.  Concessions: they will sell water, gatorade, chips, snacks, and Chik-fil-a chicken biscuits. it is cash only . 

    6.  Arrival time:  Our arrival time is NLT 8:00.  Our warm ups start at 8:20 with a meet start time of 9:00.  Please allow time for the inconvenient parking situation and set up when picking a time to leave in the morning.  We do not want to delay the start of this meet.  

    Sorry for the delay !

    Go Piranhas!


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